Do you feel Fat burden?

Plus size is increasing your weight and stress, so let’s tell you the simple ways to deal with this …

Varnika Shukla, a resident of Prayagraj city of Uttar Pradesh, describes herself as Uttar Pradesh’s first plus size model. She has won several national level beauty pageants. She does maudling and also runs ‘Mardani the Shero’ organization for single mothers. They are teachers. She works so much that looking at her, no one can say that plus size is not beautiful. Vernika Shukla says, “36-24-36 figure of women in India is considered perfect, whereas most people here like women’s curvy body shape. Actresses like Vidya Balan have set success criteria despite the plus size. ”

The world of fashion has changed by taking a plus size. Varnika says that now there is a separate round of plus size in Fashion Week. There are many fashion stores in which plus size clothes are available. Such clothes require plus size modeling. In such a situation, there is no need to worry about taking plus size. Now this is being recognized.

Don’t change your mind

There are all kinds of people in the society. In these, there are many people who, despite being obese, are active in doing their work properly and there are some who are not that obese but are upset. Continue to reduce his obesity.

Psycho therapist Neha Anand admits, “Obesity is also a psychological problem in itself. If you sat down thinking that you are obese and cannot do any work, then in reality you will not be able to do any work. You will start feeling your obesity. If you are keeping your diet right and exercising and keeping your body fit, then obesity can never become an obstacle in your path. ”

It is very important to know that fat is very important for the body. It plays a special role in the biological function of Bodi. Fat has a fine line. If the fine line of obesity crosses around the stomach then the risk increases. Girls should keep their west line less than 35 inches and boys less than 40 inches.

Diet to control fat

Do not eat food to fill your stomach. While eating food, keep in mind that it should be such that the body can get good amount of calories. Some foods are such that their food fills the stomach but does not get the right amount of calories. Fat only increases. To burn the amount of calories you are consuming, you should also work hard to burn them. A body needs 1600 calories. If you work less then between 1000 and 1200 calories should be taken. Fat reducing substances are found in walnuts, almonds, mustard oil and pulses.

Replace fried items with roasted sprouts. These also fill the stomach and get nutritious food to the body. When planning a diet schedule, also plan liquid items. Fat does not increase due to excessive use of coconut water and seasonal juice. To reduce fat, do some exercises instead of going to a slimming center. Obesity is caused by an imbalance between the calories the body receives and the calories it spends. Apart from this, obesity also increases when a high fat diet is used.

This problem also increases in those who do not exercise and sit and sit. Some people also start eating more under mental stress. This also increases obesity. Adolescent obesity persists when grown. Obesity increases when there are some physical changes in women. Obesity also increases during pregnancy. The required weight of the body should be according to the length of the body, so that its body texture is good. Body mass is the best way to measure body weight. To measure body mass index (BMI), the length is doubled by dividing the weight by the kilogram.

Obesity is not an obstacle in sex

Most people believe that obesity is a barrier to sex. Due to not being satisfied with Sachs, there is a rift in the married life. People in whom obesity does not spoil their personality, people are attracted to them and they do not have trouble doing sex. If one partner is fat, the other should try to prepare him for sex. During sex, those actions should be adopted, so that obesity can not obstruct the sex. In obesity, the body gets tired quickly.

Obese women and men have different problems. By taking obesity in a comfortable sense, it can be enjoyed by making changes in the sex activities. The obese person feels that he is not able to satisfy his partner in sex. Therefore, he should not keep this inferiority complex in his mind and understand the needs of his partner and support him.

Stay fit with body

It is not right to compare your old times to obesity. Often people see their earlier photos and say that earlier I was like this. I used to think it was so attractive. This thinking makes obesity helpful for depression. We keep thinking about obesity all the time. It is not good thinking that when I was 20 years old I was lean and attractive. Now maybe I will not look so attractive.

Physical attraction is not everything

Neha Anand says, “Physical attraction is not only necessary. The man feels more disturbed when he is considered stupid instead of obese. External beauty should not be given much importance. A man’s sense of discipline, hard work and honesty towards work makes him attractive. ”

Diwakar weighing 120 kg says, “On seeing my obesity, the doctor says that to stay away from diabetes and blood pressure I should lose 20-25 kg in 6 months. Even after this I feel that I can still eat a 5 piece pizza in 3-4 hours. I believe that life is too short. It should live its way. Do not try to lean on them madly by giving up food to your favorite things. Learn to be as happy as you are. “

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