Energy Corporation tightens its belt for uninterrupted supply on Diwali, completes testing of electrical equipment

The Energy Corporation has geared up to ensure that there is no disruption in the illumination of the state on the festival of lights, Diwali. The Energy Corporation is making special arrangements for uninterrupted supply from the mountains to the plains. Testing of transformers and other electrical equipment has been completed. Besides, lopping and chopping of trees has also been intensified. The corporation management claims that there will be no power shortage anywhere during this period. Field staff have also been instructed to be available 24 hours. In case of power failure, consumers have been appealed to inform on 1912.

The possibility of electricity crisis is very less
There is very little possibility of power crisis in the state on Diwali, but like every time, the Energy Corporation is on alert mode to ensure that any kind of fault or other technical problem does not spoil the happiness. All preparations have been made by the Energy Corporation to avoid faults and control the load.
Managing Director of Energy Corporation, Anil Kumar Yadav said that branches of trees adjacent to power lines and poles in the cities have been removed. Also, testing of equipment and transformers of all power houses has been done.

Instructions were issued to remain on duty with promptness
Apart from this, instructions have been issued to the field personnel to remain on duty with full alertness on the day of Diwali. Often the Energy Corporation has surplus electricity on Diwali. All industries remain closed on Diwali, due to which electricity consumption decreases and more electricity is available than required.

Estimated electricity consumption on Diwali
Total demand, 32-34 million units
Total availability, 33-35 million units
UJVN production, 09-10 million units
State’s share allocated from Centre, 14-15 million units
Available from other sources, 10-11 million units