The growing online business has weakened the economic condition of merchants in Nainital.

Business was expected to increase before Navratri and Diwali after the Corona lockdown, but the increased activism of online companies has dashed the hopes. The severity of the situation is that merchants have had to issue an appeal in the internet media in the name of city dwellers to buy goods from the shops during the crisis of business.

In an appeal issued by other businessmen, including senior businessman Ravail Singh Anand of the trade division Tallital, it has been said that during the Corona period, local traders have heartily distributed ration and other food items including ration to the poor and needy people of the city. While the merchant class was also in crisis, now in the festive season, due to the economic condition of the traders, people should buy the goods they need from the merchants of the city, not online.

Restaurant director Ruchir Sah of Mallital has also issued an appeal saying that the business community has always stood in the grief of the residents. The traders did not get help in the crisis from anywhere. In such a situation, citizens should understand that they should avoid shopping online. Tell here that the business of online companies in the city is increasing day by day. From catering to decorative items, clothes, electronic goods, furniture, people are buying online. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. have opened up to godowns in the city.

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