Scientists from the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology are engaged in the study of earthquakes coming from Delhi and surrounding areas from time to time.

The team of experts is gathering information with the help of tools like magnetotelloric.

Dr. Kalchand Sai, director of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, said that the team of scientists are collecting information with the help of instruments like magnetotalloric and Richter scale.
According to Dr. Sai, though the probability of seven to 10 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale in New Delhi and surrounding areas is very low, but if six Richter scale earthquake in New Delhi and surrounding areas is also very devastating in future. Can cause.

When will earthquakes occur in these areas? Its precise prediction is not possible, but the public will have to be aware of the danger along with the central government, Delhi government. For this, residential and commercial buildings based on seismic technology will have to be constructed in the country. For this, writing is being done from time to time from the Central Government and the State Governments.

Mild earthquakes have occurred 64 times within two years:
Looking at the figures, 64 low-intensity earthquakes have been recorded in New Delhi and surrounding areas within two years. Of all these earthquakes, 56 earthquakes were recorded on the Richter scale ranging from four to 4.9. The intensity of eight earthquakes was more than five.

According to seismologists, there is a change in strain energy due to the geological movements happening in New Delhi and the surrounding areas. Due to this, the possibility of major earthquake in this area cannot be ruled out. At present, there is no accurate information about when a high-intensity devastating earthquake will occur.

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