Drones Ready to Monitor Kedarnath Reconstruction Project: Amit Shah

New Delhi: In a statement in New Delhi, Home Minister Amit Shah said that now every project from all the routes in Kedarnath will be monitored with the help of drones. Due to this, the inspectors will not have to make much rounds for inspection there as well as the government will be able to inspect all the arrangements from the Ministry itself. The Home Minister said that through geo-tagging and using images of satellites, we get to know whether the dam has been completed, what is the status of the water in the dam and also monitored irrigation through drones. Is going
He said that work is going on in Kedarnath. All weather friendly roads are being constructed, they are also being monitored online. You will be surprised that we do not need to send the inspector on the spot for all the monitoring work. He further said that this ambitious project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 will facilitate the annual pilgrimage of four famous Himalayan temples.

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