Police arrested three people with a double-headed snake, the price is being told more than two and a half crores.

Dehradun – Police have caught a double-headed snake in Sahaspur area of Dehradun. With this, the police has also arrested three people of Sapera caste. According to the information, in the Dharmawala outpost of Sahaspur, a double snake has been caught by the dance of three people.
In the international market, the price of this snake is being told more than 2.5 crores rupees. It is said to be a snake of very rare caste. The accused include two brothers and a relative. His name is Sirmaan Himachal and Salim, both sons of Shahzan and Jahangir, residents of Nasrat. Police has imposed 9/44, 48A, 51 Section of Forest Corporation on all three.

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