The district administration is starting a new exercise to make Doon products and services recognized in the country and the world.

Branding of local products will be emphasized to increase their exports. In this regard, District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Shrivastava has given instructions to various departments.

In a meeting held in the Collectorate Auditorium on Thursday, the District Magistrate directed agriculture, garden, fishery, dairy, animal husbandry as well as tourism, industry, education department, culture department etc. to increase the export of their products and services. He said that various products and services would be identified region-wise for wide-scale export promotion. He has instructed each department to prepare a list of 10 such products or services within a week. The District Magistrate said that such products and services will be included in the export incentive list, which are practically exportable. Which has more demand in other states and Dehradun can provide it.

Basmati, litchi, bakery and decorated light items of Dehradun city can be re-projected in a better way. Apart from this, there is a wide scope in education, tourism, IT sector too. In Kalsi-Chakrata region various types of pulses (Rajma, Gath, Soyabean, Urad,) nut, honey, mountain chicken, egg, apple, aeromatic, forma, jute products, handloom products, herbal products, organic products are promoted Need to go. Chief Development Officer Nitika Khandelwal, General Manager of Industries Shikhar Saxena, Chief Agriculture Officer Vijay Devaradi, President of Industries Association Pankaj Gupta etc. were present in the meeting.

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