This year has been a difficult year for educational institutions due to Corona.

Schools remained closed since the lockdown. Teaching is being done through online classes. It also affected the students’ studies. However, another aspect is that due to the coronary period, schools also got a chance to join digital education.
Even though online classes have not been a big use for private schools, the operation of online classes for government and non-government schools has been less than a challenge. Due to lack of resources, many students are not able to take much advantage of online class. Doordarshan has broadcast classes in Uttarakhand for these students.
At the same time, the education department has also connected the children with the Vidya Education app. Courses of all subjects have been provided to students of all classes through this app. This will be called a commendable step towards connecting students with digital education. However, many students from economically weaker sections are less able to take advantage of online class.

Literacy campaign was also conducted:
On the initiative of District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, the ‘Padho Doon-Badhun Dun’ literacy campaign was launched in the district. In this, the illiterate people of the district are being connected with education. The education department is engaged in completing this campaign with the help of teachers, Anganwadi workers and NGOs. Chief Education Officer Asharani Panuli is also supervising the campaign himself.

This year has been a challenging year for schools due to the Corona infection. Nevertheless, the Education Department tried with full dedication to ensure that students’ education is not affected. Students of government and non-government schools also joined online studies. Provided them digital content with the Vidya Education app. The literacy campaign is also close to the goal. The Department has taken this difficult time as an opportunity. There were some problems in this, but success is also being achieved.
Asharani Panuli, Chief Education Officer

The ups and downs in higher education:
This year has been volatile in the field of higher education. The admission process of colleges was greatly affected due to the coronal period. After the lockdown, the higher education institute could be opened on December 15 after about nine months. Currently only practical classes are going on. If the Dehradun heads to four non-government colleges, the performance of teachers and staff here for several weeks is also not a good picture. Teachers and employees are opposed to the removal of the provision of grants from the State University Act-1973.

Student organizations have also jumped into the movement for the last few days, since then the movement has gained momentum. Admissions to the new session were also affected. HNB Garhwal Central University, hundreds of students were denied admission in the next class due to lack of results for several semesters.

Results of B.Tech final year were also not released by Uttarakhand Technical University. Due to this, thousands of students have been denied jobs. However, the convocation of HNB University once again dominated the students of DAV, DBS, SGRR PG College. Students managed to grab gold and silver medals.


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