Dharmadhwaja will enter the city on 25 January

For the Kumbh Mela, Juna Akhara, Awaan Akhara and Agni Akhara announced the dates of city entry, land worship, religious flag and Peshwai after consulting the All India Arena Council’s National General Secretary and international guardian of Juna Arena, Shrimant Harigiri. Huh.

Mahant Harigiri said that the Juna Arena, Awahana Arena and Agni Arena take the royal bath together. The Dharmadhwaja and the cantonment of the three are established in the premises of the Juna Arena. Therefore, on 25 January, the call of the Awahana Akhara and Agni Akhara led by Juna Akhara will enter the city with a Dharmadhwaja from Premagiri Ashram in Kangri. Ramta Panch will run in front of the procession.

Earlier in the arena, Ramta Panch and sadhu saints will also worship the deities. On February 16, from 10.23 am to 2 pm, there will be a Bhoomi Pujan for the installation of Dharmadhwaja in Juna Arena. After that, the three akhadas will establish their dharmadhvaja in turn.

On February 27 at 12.40 pm, the procession of Agni Akhada will come out from Pandewala in Jwalapur. Juna will enter the cantonments after reaching Peshwai Nagar. After this, the call will be taken out of the Akhanda Pandewala on March 1 at two in the afternoon. The saints will enter their cantonments after arriving at Juna Arena.

Mahant Satyagiri, the National General Secretary of Awahana Akhara, told that the procession procession of his arena will also start from Pandewala Jwalapur and Juna Arena will reach Mayadevi. He told that the royal baths will be held simultaneously by all the three arenas. According to the tradition, the juna arena is at the forefront, followed by the call of the invocation and the fire arena behind it. This time for the first time, in addition to these akharas, Kinnar Akhara and Dandi Swami will also take a royal bath with Juna Akhara.

President of Akhara Council raised questions on registration system in Kumbh
Mahant Narendra Giri, president of the Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad, has questioned the registration of pilgrims coming to Haridwar Kumbh. He said that what is the need for registration during Kumbh. It is the wish of the devotee to bathe, visit the saints or visit the temples and go home. He said that it is not right to put such restrictions. He said that camps will also be organized in Kumbh and Mahamandaleshwar Nagar will also be settled. After taking information about the Chief Minister’s health today, he will put this subject before him.

Manhat Narendra Giri said that Meladhikari Deepak Rawat and Additional Magistrate Harbir Singh met him on Saturday. Narendra Giri claimed that he sought information about the allocation of land and arrangements for the camps of saints and saints in Kumbh, while the magistrate said that his hands were tied for organizing Kumbh. At present, temporary arrangements are being made. Camps will be arranged after getting instructions from the government.

He said that he has clearly told the magistrate that in Kumbh there are camps of saints and great men of all the 13 Akharas. All the saints and Mahants in the camps chant the name of God day and night to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation. This Kumbh will also be held on the lines of the 2010 Kumbh Mela. Naga monks from outside and Khalsa will also come to Haridwar. There will be no Aquarius in the room. Camps will be set up for the residence of the saints of all the Saints’ Akharas and Vaishnava Akharas.

No ban on setting up tents and camp:
Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik also met with Manhat Narendra Giri. He told reporters that there is no restriction on setting up tents and cantonments. Registration will be available only on the main bathing festivals. Advocating the magistrate, he said that he would have made his point before the President of the Akhada Council regarding the SOP of Kovid being issued by the state government. At the same time, the president of the Akhara Council also cited the decreasing cases of Kovid.

The registration process is already implemented:
IG Kumbh Mela Sanjay Gunjyal also met the President of the Akhara Council. Talking to reporters, he said that the registration process is already in force in the state. Other states will be appealed to follow the system. He said that SOP will also be released in the next one or two days on Makar Sankranti. Three companies have reached the paramilitary force to arrange the gala bath. The two company Para Military Forces will arrive by tomorrow.

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