Dhami’s threat in social media increased after becoming CM, 40 lakh followers increased

On the morning of July 3, 2021, the number of followers (supporters) on the official Facebook page of the then Khatima MLA Pushkar Singh Dhami was 3,56,175. On this afternoon, when the announcement of becoming CM was made for the first time, the process of gathering of supporters on Facebook started with congratulations. At present, he is heading the state for the second time. Now 44, 32, 408 people are connected to his Facebook page. That is, after getting the command of the state from an MLA, not only did the political stature increase, but the supporters on the internet media also went on increasing.
Pushkar Singh Dhami is the first leader of the state who has got the command of Chief Minister for the second consecutive time. The party has fielded him from Champawat assembly for the by-election. In the changing era of politics, the activation of leaders on the Internet media is very important.

Therefore, Dhami is also active in sharing programs, meetings, publicity and other activities through this medium. After his official Facebook page as an MLA and becoming CM, the number of followers increased by more than 40 lakhs (4,076,233). This number is increasing continuously.

Many pages of Dhami supporters too:
To increase the graph of Pushkar Singh Dhami on the Internet media, his supporters have also made many IDs, in which the posts related to CM are constantly updated. Dhakad Dhami, Pushkar Singh Dhami for Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami Chief Minister Uttarakhand Government, Pushkar Singh Dhami Fans Club, Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami Sarkar (Supporter), Pushkar Singh Dhami Supporter, I Support Pushkar Singh Dhami. Huh.

Wife Geeta also has thousands of followers:
Geeta Dhami, wife of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, is also very active in the social and political field. Champawat is also engaged in campaigning from village to village in the by-election. She has a strong focus on women voters. Women voters have always proved decisive in this seat. She is also active on Facebook. 46,706 people follow him on his ID.

Harda and TSR in top three:
Talking about the former Chief Ministers, Harish Rawat and Trivendra Singh Rawat come in the top three in terms of the number of followers on the Facebook page. Harda has 20,13,850 and Trivendra Singh Rawat (TSR) has 15,25,705 followers. 4, 36, 521 people are connected on the page of Tirath Singh Rawat, who was the CM before Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Talking about the leaders of the second line, Congress MLA from Haldwani Sumit Hridayesh is also very active on internet media. There are 3,77, 201 people connected to his page.

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