Dhami said in Tamli, became CM, MLA is yet to take oath

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami arrived on Sunday to address a public meeting in Tamli, a marginal village in Champawat district. He said that I am speechless seeing the crowd. The love you have given is phenomenal. I had to come to the stage by car, but after missing your support, I came with you on foot. There is immense potential for development in Marginal and Champawat. With the blessings of all of you, PM Modi had made me the CM, expressing his confidence in me, now it is only to take the oath of MLA.

You won Gahtodi ji and he made me stand:
CM Dhami said that I had the privilege of coming again to the land of Gurugorakhnath and got a chance to serve. Thanks to all of you guys for this. First you made Gahatodi ji win and then he made me stand up. While addressing the public meeting on the stage, Dhami said that whose name I am unable to name, I welcome and express my gratitude to everyone from Aries to Pisces. He said that I have grown up doing sports in this Kali Ganga.

CM attacked Congress:
CM said that this time a myth has been broken in Uttarakhand. While in power, BJP again got a huge majority. Congressmen were thieves that their government was coming. He had even divided the cabinet, but after the results came, his senses were blown away. With all your blessings, PM Modi has made me CM by trusting in me. I took the oath of CM but I am yet to take oath of MLA. He said that along with Gehtodi ji, about 20 people had talked about giving up the seat for me. But my mind was stuck in Champawat.

Demands of the people of Tamli:
Tamli village head Bhawna Joshi, Ganesh Dutt Joshi said that people are facing problems due to lack of water, network, road, education facilities in the area. He has demanded from the CM to remove the water problem in the area, connect Tamli with Tanakpur Jauljibi road, build a mini stadium to promote sports talent, open degree college in the area, deploy teachers in GIC.

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