Dhami government’s one year term is about to end, the wait will end; Responsibilities will be divided soon

The BJP leaders, who have been hoping for responsibility for the last one year, are going to get a gift soon. After the end of the budget session of the Vidhansabha, now the Chief Minister is preparing to hand over important responsibilities to the party leaders in the government departments. If all goes well, the responsibilities will be distributed in the next few days. According to BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt, the Chief Minister can distribute the responsibility anytime now.
Responsibilities, that is, the posts of chairman and vice-chairman in committees, councils, commissions formed under various departments, which get the status of cabinet or minister of state. It has been a tradition, be it BJP or Congress, whichever party comes to power, appoints its leaders to these posts.
This tradition has been going on since the time of the first elected government of the state. Generally the leaders who are deprived of getting tickets in the assembly elections are assigned responsibilities. However, sometimes legislators are also given this responsibility.
During the previous Trivendra Singh Rawat government of BJP, more than 60 responsibilities of ministerial rank were given to party leaders. Responsible leaders get many facilities including honorarium, accommodation, vehicles, staff.
After Trivendra’s resignation from the post of Chief Minister in March 2021, first Tirath Singh Rawat and then Pushkar Singh Dhami became the Chief Minister, but then they did not divide the responsibilities. Dhami became the Chief Minister for the second time in March 2022, but except for some posts, he also did not distribute the responsibilities. During the last two-three months, many times the discussion about sharing of responsibilities was raised loudly, but it did not happen.
Now that the one year term of the Dhami government is going to be completed next week, it is likely that soon the Chief Minister will end the wait of the party leaders and distribute the responsibilities to them. Municipal elections are due in the state this year and only one year is left for the Lok Sabha elections. With this, where many leaders will get adjusted, the election preparations will also be strengthened. In view of this, the organization is also in favor of early distribution of responsibilities.
Responsibilities will be distributed to the party workers soon. The budget session of the Vidhansabha has ended and discussions have been held with the central leadership in this regard. A meeting has already been held in this regard at the state organization level. There was some delay in distribution of responsibilities due to the session, but now Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami will soon take a decision in this regard and distribute the responsibilities anytime.

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