Dhami government will present the budget today, the focus will be on these sections

The Dhami government will present the budget for the financial year 2023-24 in the Vidhan Sabha on Wednesday, the third day of the budget session. Apart from being tax-free, the budget will be seen to give new hope to farmers, horticulturists, traders as well as women, youth, ex-servicemen and weaker sections. Finance Minister Premchand Aggarwal will present the new annual budget on Wednesday at Vidhan Bhavan in Bharadisain.
The new budget can be more than 80 thousand crores. Along with the construction of roads, bridges, the budget package can be opened for the works of urban and rural infrastructure development. The state government will start its campaign to strengthen the economy from the next financial year. A glimpse of this will be seen in the new budget. This resolution of the government has also been reflected in the Governor’s address.
To make the budget useful and practical for the general public, suggestions were taken by the government from various sections, economic, social and subject experts. New self-employment opportunities for youth and women will be encouraged in the budget. At the same time, this time too, the state’s development is going to be heavily dependent on centrally sponsored schemes.

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