Demonstration on New Cantt Road leading to Chief Minister’s residence, Raj Bhavan, blockade banned

On the orders of the High Court, DM Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar has banned the dharna, demonstration, and riots on New Cantt Road leading to Raj Bhavan, Chief Minister’s residence. In the order issued, it was said that action will be taken against the protesters who are protesting, protesting under Section-144.
The DM said that political parties, social and employee organizations will be able to hold protest demonstrations only on the land of the Municipal Corporation in Adhoiwala. Damandeep Singh Bedi of Dehradun had filed a public interest litigation in the High Court stating that along with protesting on New Cantt Road, many political parties, employees’ organizations are marching on the Raj Bhavan and the Chief Minister’s residence. To stop the protesters, barricading is put up by the police administration in Hathibarkala, due to which people have to face problems.

Bedi told the court that in addition to a large number of educational institutions on New Cantt Road, there are business establishments, group housing schemes, many banks, passport offices and thousands of shops, but about the sit-in demonstration and the Chief Minister, Raj Bhavan’s residence. People have to face difficulties due to the barricading imposed by the administration. Hearing the petition, the High Court ordered the DM to take action as per the rules. After this the DM took this action. The DM says that the police administrative officers should ensure that action is taken against the violators of the orders as per rules.

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