After seven months, the Dehradun Zoo is going to open today.

The Dehradun Zoo is going to open today after about seven months. Under the Corona Guideline, with some new arrangements, the common people will be able to see the wildlife here. However, the Nainital Zoo was opened to the public only last month. But from today, all other parks and centuries will also be available for day visits.

Dehradun Zoo, closed due to Corona epidemic, will now revolve. Here with some rules, you will get admission and people will be able to tour. Amusement parks, zoos etc. have been allowed to open since the release of the Unlock-5 guidelines. After getting the green signal from the state government, the forest department is busy preparing for opening of parks, century, conservation reserve and zoos in the state. There are six National Parks, seven Wildlife Centuries, four Conservation Reserves and two Zoos in the state. All these have been closed since 22 March due to Corona crisis.
According to the state’s chief wildlife advocate JS Suhag, all the parks, centurions, conservation reserves and zoos will be opened from today except for all tourist zones of Rajaji National Park and Dhikala Zone of Corbett National Park. People will be able to day-visit in the tourist zones of Corbett’s Bijrani, Airana, Durgadevi, Pakho and Haldupadav. Apart from this, mountaineering and trekking have also been permitted in other protected areas including Gangotri National Park, Govind Wildlife Century in the High Himalayan region.

Here, Dehradun Zoo Director PK Patro told that thermal screening will be done during the entry into the zoo. Ticket counters have also been increased. Visitors will be made to stand where appropriate distance is made. Apart from this, only 20 will be given entry to the aquarium and snake fence.

Business zones will open for night stay from today:
After six months of closure, Corbett Park’s business zone and night stay will open from Thursday. Night stay facility will also start in Corbett for the first time except Dhikala tourism zone. About 25 people will stay here in the nine rooms reserved on the first day. Apart from this, around 350 tourists from 60 gypsies scheduled for the day visit will enjoy the safari.

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