Dehradun traders are demanding closure of the market for three consecutive Saturdays!

Dehradun – In view of the increasing side effects of Corona in present day in Dehradun and on the subject related to the opening of markets, Social Distancing in the courtyard of Geeta Bhawan temple through Siddharth Umesh Aggarwal ji, Executive Chairman and convener of the meeting. A meeting was organized with.

On the call of Doon Udyog Mandal, representatives of all the concerned units participated in the meeting which consisted mainly of Paltan Bazar, Dispensary Road, Dhamawala, Ghantaghar, Rajpur Road, Dharmapur, Chakrata Road, Patel Nagar, People Mandi, Babu Ganj, Hanuman Chowk, Raja Road, Jhanda Bazar, Turner Road, Post Office Road Klamantown, Banjarawala, Rajendra Nagar, Kaulagarh, Hathibadkala, Premnagar, Ritha Mandi, Tilak Road, Raja Road, Asharodi, Kedarpur, Paltan Bazar, Kavanali Road, Dehrakhas, Gandhi Gram , GMS Road, Clothing Committee, Petrol Dealer Association, etc. other major units participated.
In the meeting, businessmen and business circles were very worried for 623 cases in Dehradun and 1650 cases in the state, which came on Kovid-19 yesterday, in the conference of the video conference held on 12-09. After today’s meeting was called.

In the meeting, the presidents of all the units raised a note that in view of the present circumstances, the three Saturdays coming in any condition should be closed and all kinds of movement should be closed on Saturday and Sunday as before. It is important because there is a recessionary atmosphere in the markets and the festive season is going to come from the next months and then it will not be possible to keep the market closed for even one day. It was also a matter of discussion in the meeting that the fear of corona has been eradicated from inside the city dwellers, in the same way that there is a huge crowd on Mussoorie Road, Maldevata Road, Rajpur Road etc. on Sunday’s weekly captivity. . The speed with which cases are increasing, then in the coming time, the situation will not get out of control.

Four points were decided by consensus in the meeting
1. The coming three Saturdays should be completely closed, in which there is no trade and movement of any kind, only then there will be a possibility of Corona’s peace being broken. The Board of Trade has also appealed to the administration to cooperate fully in this. On Saturday, there should be a strict lock-down on the lines of curfew and milk arrangements will also be in place till 6-10 am.

2. The process of sanitization in markets, which has been closed for a long time, should be repeated in all the markets due to loud noise.

3. In the meeting, the business representatives also took a pledge that they will mobilize all the shopkeepers in their markets to use social distance masks and sanitizers and make them aware that their customers, family, and employees will be truly cautious. Necessary for rescue.

4. It also came up prominently in the meeting that the administration should also appeal that daily market hours should be done till 5 pm, so that all the people, instead of flattening the city like before, need a house Exit.

The meeting was mainly attended by Anil Goyal, President, Vipin Nagaliya, Chairman, Vipin Nagalia, Executive Chairman, Siddharth Umesh Agarwal, General Secretary Sunil Manson, Senior Vice President, DD Arora, Organization Minister Mr. Deepak Gupta, Treasurer Mr. Kamlesh Agarwal, Publicity Minister Roshan Lal Gupta, Legal Adviser Mr. Praveen Jain, Chairman of the Clothing Committee Mr. Praveen Jain, President of Akhada Bazar Ravindra Anand, Media Incharge Rajesh Badoni, Vijay Kohli, Rajeev Punj President Business Circle Premnagar, Vice President Santosh Nagpal, President Business Cell. Patel Nagar, Tilak Raj Aroda, Adesh Mangal, Vijay, Rakesh Mahendru, Navneet Sethi, Neeraj Dhingra, Devbhoomi Car Dealers Association, Fateh Chand Garg Babu Ganj Bazaar, Roshan Lal Gupta Darshani Gate People Mandi, Vice President Manish Nayal Atesh Sharma, Arpit Naglia Raja Businessmen like Road Board, Harish Mehta, Shakeel Ahmed, Rajendra Sethi etc. were present.

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