Fog may develop in Dehradun city on Tuesday.

Fog may develop in Dehradun city on Tuesday. Partly cloudy weather is also expected. However, the weather will be normal throughout the day. According to the Meteorological Center, there will be more fog especially in Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar. Somewhere in Dehradun, light fog may be seen. The city is expected to have a maximum temperature of 22 and a minimum of 08 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

Relieving cold from hot sun:
In Haridwar, most of the people got relief from the cold due to sunshine on Monday for most of the time. Today, the Meteorological Department is forecasting an increase in temperature on Tuesday as well.

Nowadays the mood of the weather is changing every day. The temperature falls on one day and rises on another day. The same has been seen for the last several days. After Saturday, the temperature dropped again on Sunday. Due to which the temperature had dropped five degrees to 16 simultaneously.

The minimum temperature also dropped to 3 degrees. On Monday, the temperature again increased completely. The maximum temperature was recorded 20 degrees and the minimum temperature was 5.5 degrees. Narendra Rawat, research supervisor of Ritu Alok Shala, told that the weather is expected to be clear on Tuesday. The temperature may also increase.

Crisis on apple production due to insufficient snowfall:
This time, due to lack of good rains and snowfall, the crisis over the production of apples in Ramgarh and Mukteswar region has deepened. Horticulture experts are expecting a 30 to 40 percent drop in production. This makes apple growers quite unhappy. Adequate rain and snowfall are required by this time for apple production, but this has not happened yet.

Ramgarh and Mukteswar region of Dhari block of Nainital district is known as fruit belt. Apples are grown here. Although production has steadily decreased over the years, despite this there are still many tenants whose main source of income is apple production.

Horticulture officials say that places with a height of more than 2000 meters where there is good snowfall are considered good for apple production. Chilling hours should be from 1000 to 1200 hours for good yield of apple in a crop cycle. This results in excellent flowering in the apple and later the trees become paralyzed with the apple.

In the past years, till now normally snowfall was two to three times. In Mukteshwar and Ramgarh, snowfall persisted in the plantation for a long time and cold weather remained for a long time. But there has not been a single snowfall so far this year. Because of which apple flowers will be affected and production will also be affected.

For good apple production, it is necessary that the cold weather is prolonged and rain and snowfall are helpful in this. This year the rainfall has come down and only snowflakes have fallen in the name of snowfall. Due to this, apple production in the district may be affected.
– Bhavana Joshi, District Horticulture Officer, Nainital

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