Deforestation movement in Uttarakhand

There were several mass movements for protection of forests in Uttarakhand, some of which are major

Chipako Movement

In order to prevent the indiscriminate harvesting of forests since 1972, the Chipko movement was started in 1974 by Gora Devi, a 23-year-old woman from Gopeshwar in Chamoli district, in this movement, to prevent the cutting of forests, they used to cling to the grassroots trees. For this movement named Chipko movement. Sunderlal Bahuguna and Chandi Prasad Bhatt played an important role in identifying the Chipko movement on world class, Chandi Prasad Bhatt was given Ramon Magsaysay award in 1982 for this movement.Sunderlal Bahuguna gave a slogan ‘Save the Himalaya Save the country’ during this movement.

Rhythm movement

In Tehri, a law was made in the time of King Mannendra Shah, under which it was said that the land of the farmers was included in the forest land, the people of Tehri started the movement against this arrangement, on 30 May 1930, of Diwan Chakradhar Juyal Many movement fell martyrs from the bullets run by the army, in this area the martyr’s day is celebrated on 30th MayThe Ranya movement is also known as Tadiadi Movement.

Dungi – Pantoli movement

This movement was opposed to cutting forests of Banjali in Chamoli district.

Water reservoir movement

This movement was launched to remove the water shortage in the village of Pauri. As a result of this movement, the waste land became green again due to the lack of water.

The founder of this movement was Sachchidanand Bharti, who founded ‘Dudhatoli Lok Vikas Sansthan’.

Maiti movement

The Maiti movement was started by Kalyan Singh Rawat in 1996, under this movement a plant is planted by bride and groom and later the maternal care takes care of that plant.

Defense formula movement

This movement started with Tehri in 1944, under which it is resolved to protect the tress by  tie the protecting  thread.

1977 forest movement

In 1977, there was a movement against the auction of forests, during this movement, Uttarakhand closed for the first time in 1978.

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