Uttarakhand: Death rate of corona patients reaches 91 percent …

Death rate of corona patients is increasing with the increase in infected patients in Uttarakhand. Of the total infected deaths in the state, 91 percent of the deaths occurred in four plains districts. At the same time, the death rate in nine mountainous districts is nine percent. There is not a single death in Chamoli district. The maximum number of 91 corona patients died in Dehradun district.

According to the report of Health Department, till August 18, the total number of infected in the state has been 12961. In this, 8724 patients have been cured. Along with new corona patients, the death rate is also increasing rapidly.

So far 164 infected patients have died in the state. The death rate has increased from 1.18 percent to 1.27 percent in the last two weeks. Which is less than 0.64 percent as compared to the national death rate of 1.91 percent.

149 patients (91 percent) have died in Dehradun, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar and Haridwar districts of the state. In which 91 were infected in Dehradun, 31 in Nainital, 16 in Haridwar, 11 in Udham Singh Nagar.

Raising mortality is a serious challenge
At the same time, four have died in Pauri, one each in Pithoragarh, Champawat, Almora, two in Tehri district, Rudraprayag, Bageshwar, Uttarkashi. Not a single infected patient has died in Chamoli district yet.

Anoop Nautiyal, founder of the Social Development for Community Foundation, which is studying the Corona figures, says that as the corona patient increases in four districts, the death toll is also increasing. Raising mortality is a serious challenge.

There is a special focus on preventing the death rate of corona infected in the state. All districts have been instructed that senior doctors should monitor the seriously infected patients. It is being tried that the infected patient does not die.


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