Stirred by death of crows in Dehradun.

The death of crows continues in various areas of the capital Dehradun amidst bird flu disease spread in various states of the country. Three dead and two crows were found unconscious at IT Park Chukkhuwala in the capital’s Lakhibagh, Mohini Road, Patel Nagar, on Thursday after the death of two crows in the SSP office premises two days ago.

This stirred people up. People are seeing the death of crows linked to bird flu. However, the exact status will be known only after investigation. On the other hand, there is a dispute between the Forest Department and Animal Husbandry Department regarding the investigation of the dead crows. Both departments are putting the responsibility of investigation on each other.

Divisional forest officer Rajeev Dhiman says that it is the responsibility of the Animal Husbandry Department officials to get the crows tested after their death. At the same time, Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. SB Pandey says that after the death of wild birds like crow, parrot, the responsibility of investigation is with the Forest Department.

In case of domesticated birds such as chicken, duck, the Department of Animal Husbandry is responsible. However Divisional Forest Officer, Rajiv Dhiman, says that work is being done in coordination with the officials of the Animal Husbandry Department. Information is being sent to the rescue team on the information about the death of crows.

No symptoms of bird flu: Dhiman
Divisional forest officer Rajiv Dhiman says that seeing the condition of the dead crows, it is not likely that he died of bird flu. No symptoms such as crushing the neck of crows have been found. In such a situation, people do not have to worry about bird flu disease. The situation is being monitored.

Monitoring as per guideline:
CVO Dr. SB Pandey says that as per the guidelines of the Central Government regarding bird flu, precautionary steps have been taken. A rapid response team has been formed at the district level. Information is sent to the team on the information about the death of birds. In case of bird flu, the dead birds will be sent to the laboratory for examination.

A close watch on the poultry farm of the district:
Dr. SB Pandey informed that more than five and a half lakh chickens are being monitored in all poultry forms of the district. The deaths of chickens have not been reported yet. The form operators have been instructed to inform them immediately if bird flu is suspected.

Doon’s poultry farms began to become empty:
The risk of bird flu is increasing continuously in some states of the country. However, no cases of bird flu have been reported in Uttarakhand so far. Despite this, to avoid losses, poultry operators have started selling their boiler chickens cheaply. Due to this, the poultry farms of Doon are becoming empty. The fear of bird flu has also affected egg prices.

Shubham, who runs a poultry farm in Sherpur village, said that thousands of rupees are lost every year due to bird flu. In such a situation, this time, he has sold all his baller hens. Egg prices have also dropped by 20 to 30 rupees due to the news of bird flu. Gulfam, a resident of Sahaspur, has also sold his boiler chickens cheaply.

Gulfam reported that he raised the temperature of his poultry farm a few days ago to protect the boiler from bird flu. For this, along with the addition of light in the poultry farm, Angithi was also started burning.

However, even before the arrival of bird flu knock-off, the chickens have been sold at cheap prices. An employee working at the Bobby Chicken Center in Paltan Bazar said that the price of chicken has not been affected yet.

‘Bird flu spreads fast in birds’:
Electro Homeopathic Medical Association organized a medical seminar on bird flu at Balaji Institute of Alternative Medical Science Jwalapur Haridwar. Addressing the seminar, Dr. KPS Chauhan said that bird flu is a special type of infection that spreads at a very fast rate in birds.

This causes immediate death of birds. He told that there is a great possibility of this infectious coming in humans. Therefore, people should avoid the consumption of birds’ meat and eggs. Said that Vireunil and Immune Up Medicine of Electro Homeopathy provide great relief.

The seminar included Lakshmi Kushwaha, Hina Kushwaha, Shama Parveen, Manjula, Geeta Singh, Neelam, Sahil Kashyap, Bibi Kumar, MT Ansari, Amarpal Singh, Sanjay Mehta, Vikram Singh, Ghulam Sabir, Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Ramesh Chandra Doctor, Narendra Kumar etc. were present.

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