Got some relief from cold.

In the capital, Doon and surrounding areas, on Monday, the eyes of clouds and sun went on moving throughout the day. Day temperatures dropped and a strong cold was realized. However, a slight improvement in night temperature was recorded. On Tuesday, the weather remained clear in Dehradun on Tuesday. Here, there is some relief from the cold due to bright sunshine. Today there is sunshine even in the hilly areas of the state.

The fog continued for a long time on Monday morning. It did not cause sunlight. During this time the sky was also surrounded by clouds. At around 11:30 in the morning, the fog subsided and the clouds started to clear. This brought sunshine for a while. However the brightness and heat in the sun was extremely low. After some time the sky was again clouded and they hid the sun in their gorge. The weather remained the same throughout the day.
Weather Center Director Bikram Singh said that a similar weather could prevail on Tuesday. The maximum and minimum temperatures are two degrees above normal.

Clothing market heats up amid cold wave:
The winter has also started showing its seats during the Corona period in December. People are resorting to warm clothing to protect against the rising cold wave. Due to this, people have started shopping for warm clothes at readymade clothing shops. Due to the increase in the number of customers, the faces of readymade textile traders have also started appearing bright.

The cold has been increasing continuously for several days. The temperature has started declining everyday. Snowfall in the mountainous areas and rain in the area several days ago have made the weather more cold. As the winter progressed, sales of warm clothes also started increasing. In the Corona era, there was a break in the sale of readymade garments. Now after several months, looking at the customers, the faces of the traders are beginning to look bright.

Most of the warm clothes usually come from Delhi and Ludhiana. As soon as winter came, readymade textile traders started bringing new collections keeping in mind the choice of the people. Readymade textile traders Sanjay Prajapati and Sunny Agrawal say that keeping in mind the choice of customers, new stock of hood, jacket, sweater, jersey, coat, inner, cardigan, shawl etc. has also arrived.

Readymade textile traders Harsh Kumar and Bittu etc. say that hood is the first choice of the youth. The hood is equally popular among both young men and young men. This is why everyone is giving priority to buying hoods. This is followed by the sale of the jacket. While sales of sweaters, jerseys and cardigans rank third.


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