Center asks for data of front line workers for second phase

In the second phase of the corona vaccination campaign, front-line workers will be vaccinated. For this, the central government has asked for data of front line workers from Uttarakhand. In which data of police personnel, cleaning personnel, officials and employees of other departments including revenue, is being prepared.

The state government has completed all preparations for the first phase of corona vaccination. According to the guidelines of the Center, vaccination will be done to health workers in the first phase. Corona vaccine will be administered to 87588 health workers in the state.

At the same time, the Center has sought data to vaccinate front-line workers fighting the Covid epidemic in the second phase. In which the police, revenue and sanitation workers along with other departments will be vaccinated for the employees posted in Covid duty.

Secretary Health Amit Singh Negi says that in the second phase, the front-line workers will be given the Corona vaccine. For this, the Center has asked for data. Data of employees from the concerned departments will be sent to the prepared center.

Explain that in the first phase, the practice of corona vaccination in 132 hospitals and health centers in 13 districts of Uttarakhand has been successful. Out of 3160 health workers selected for vaccination in the rehearsal, 2720 were vaccinated. In which 116 adverse effects of the vaccine were recorded.

At the same time, Corona vaccination will be started from 41 centers in Uttarakhand, according to the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For this, the government has made complete preparations for vaccination.

20 thousand additional corona vaccine sought for Aquarius:
For the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar, the government has demanded 20 thousand additional corona vaccine from the center. In this regard, a letter has been sent by the state government to the Union Ministry of Health. The center is also being approached for the vaccine.

Thousands of police, home guards, paramilitary personnel will be deployed for law and order at the Kumbh Mela. Along with this, employees will be deployed in Kumbh duty for other arrangements. The government has requested to provide a separate vaccine for these employees to get corona vaccine.

Web casting to be held at 41 centers on the launch of the Corona vaccine:
Web casting will be done at 41 centers on the launch of Corona vaccination in the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi can join live at any of the centers in Doon and Haldwani Medical College. For this, the health department has arranged web casting at the vaccination centers. On 12 January, the rehearsal will be done at all the centers of the state before starting the vaccination campaign.

Corona vaccination will be started from January 16 in Uttarakhand. For this, the government has selected 43 centers for the launch of the campaign. There will be web casting of vaccination at 41 centers. The center will be able to conduct live monitoring of any center. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can live and communicate with the health workers who get vaccinated at one of the centers in the vaccination centers set up at Doon and Haldwani Medical College. For this, extensive arrangements have been made in the Health Department.

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