Crowd control is the biggest challenge for the police administration in Haridwar Kumbh to be held in the Corona period.

The Mobileon app designed by the scientist of IIT Roorkee can prove to be very effective in controlling the rush of Haridwar Kumbh. This app named Tracker can track every single person, not just a crowd in real time. Through this, it can also be found out how much crowd is reaching more than the capacity of every side. Features of the app also include how many people reached the Kumbh region and where they have gathered. Also, after bathing, how many people have returned from the Kumbh region.

Crowd control is the biggest challenge for the police administration in Haridwar Kumbh to be held in the Corona period. The emphasis is on creating a Crowd Management System for Kumbh to be safe without any hindrance. IIT Civil Department Scientist Prof. Kamal Jain has created a mobile app named Tracker, through which Kumbh’s crowd management can be better done.

Giving information about the features of the app, he said that it will be better in local management. In this, GPS analyzes the data and tells where each person’s location is at that time. The main server will get information on how many people are there at which point.

The person downloading the app will also get information in his mobile where there is more crowd. He told that this app has given better results during the trial. After this, this app has also been patented. In such a situation, it can prove to be very effective in a big event like Kumbh.

How is the app different from Google Map:
Google Map tracks the vehicles running on the road, but the app designed by IIT Scientist will also track a person standing at a place. So it will also show the crowd gathered at one place while Google map shows the traffic while traveling on the road. Many times it is also experienced that where there is no rush on the road, where the red line shows for more congestion and jam, the tracker app will give accurate information of the crowd at different points.

Corona positive and contact people will also provide information:
The corona investigation report of travelers coming from outside at the border or elsewhere takes a day or two. If the report of a person comes positive then it is difficult to trace, but this app will also know its current location. Along with this, he will also get information about whom he is coming in contact with. Till now tracing app available for Kovid, the correct information of the people in contact is not available, but this app will be possible.

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