This Diwali will light up life with homes from cow dung lamps in Bhutgaon of Jaunpur block.

This Diwali in Jaunpur block of Bhutgaon will light up life with houses from cow dung lamps. In fact, these days women of the village are preparing diyas, pots and puja materials from cow dung. Women have formed groups for this initiative related to environmental protection and the forest department is also supporting them in this work. The group also has 20 women and five men from the village.

In Bhutgaon, diyas, pots and puja materials are being prepared from cow dung on behalf of Dhatri Self Help Group. Members of the group are preparing about 600 diyas daily. Similarly, about 100 pots are also being made. Apart from the local market, their demand is also in Dehradun and Mussoorie. A lamp costs five rupees, while the pot has three sizes, which are being sold for between 10 and 35 rupees. Roshni Devi, chairman of the group and Krishna Devi, secretary, says, the women of the village sit for two to three hours after preparing the farming and housework and prepare diyas from cow dung. He says that this is just the beginning, as the demand is increasing, women are getting excited.

More demand for special lamps:
Special Diyas are in high demand on this Diwali. For this, ten thousand have been sent from Dehradun, five thousand from Mussoorie and three thousand diyas have been sent by Mussoorie itself. Apart from this, these lamps are also in great demand in the local market. Local shopkeepers and local people are contacting the group for this.

Forest Department is cooperating:
The Forest Department is also supporting in this work of the group. Machines have been provided to the group through the Badrinadi range under the Mussoorie Forest Division. Members of the group are collecting dung in the village and preparing the material from it. Meritorious Kirti, Range Officer, says that all possible support will be given in this work on behalf of the Department. The department itself inspired women to form groups.

This initiative has just been launched. Along with preparing the material from cow dung, it is also being promoted. It will soon be launched on a large scale. The residents are also welcoming this initiative.
Vikram Verma, Sarpanch Bhutgaon

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