Corona infection broke all the records of the state in the last seven days…

In the last seven days in Uttarakhand, Corona has broken all its old records. In the 22nd week of the Corona period, the number of infected cases and patients recovering has increased as sample investigations have increased. In seven days, 2538 infected cases were found and 1785 patients were cured.

154 days of the Corona period have been completed in the state. In comparison to the previous week, 44904 samples were tested in the 22nd week. There have been 2538 infected cases. Whereas in the 21st week, 31732 samples were examined and 1955 infected cases were found. Recovery has also been good as the corona patient grew.
Death rate of infected is increasing continuously
But the death rate of the infected is steadily increasing. Within seven days, 34 infected have died. The death toll of corona patients has reached 152 in the state.

Anoop Nautiyal, founder of the Social Development for Community Foundation, which is studying the Corona figures, says that all old records of corona infection have been broken weekly when health department reports are assessed.

For the first time, over 44 thousand samples have been tested in seven days. At the same time, even the most infected cases and patients have been cured.



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