Corona infection rate reached 5.25 in Uttarakhand…

In Uttarakhand, infection is also increasing with sample investigation. Infection is decreasing as the investigation progresses at the national level. But as sampling increases in the state, the infection rate is also increasing. In 12 days, the state’s infection rate has increased from 5.01 to 5.25 percent.

So far, more than three lakh samples have been investigated in the state. Currently, investigation reports of five to six thousand samples are being received every day. Now the government is insisting on checking 10,000 samples every day. On August 13, the infection rate was 5.01 percent on examination of about 2.25 lakh samples in the state.

The infection rate has increased to 5.25 percent on examination of three lakh samples. On the basis of sample examination at the national level, the rate of infection has come down from 8.93 percent to 8.6 percent in 12 days.
Number of active patients growing rapidly
The number of active patients is advancing rapidly as infection rates increase. In the state, more than four and a half thousand active patients are admitted for treatment in hospitals. Anoop Nautiyal, founder of the Social Development for Community Foundation, which is studying the Corona figures, says the infection is declining at the national level with sample investigations.

At present, the infection rate is also increasing due to increasing investigation in the state. Within the last 15 days, one lakh samples were tested in the state. The infection rate has increased to 5.25 percent. Increasing infection rates with screening is worrying.


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