The Corona epidemic in Uttarakhand has killed 130 patients at Doon Hospital so far.

The Corona epidemic in Uttarakhand has killed 130 patients at Doon Hospital so far. Worryingly, 78 of the patients who died were suffering from sugar disease. All such facts related to corona infection and its side effects have been revealed in the study of doctors of the Government Doon Medical College Hospital.

According to the study, 130 patients have died in Doon Hospital so far. Of these, there were 85 patients who were already victims of co-morbidity. Out of these 85 patients, 78 patients were those who were suffering from diabetes.
It has also been found in the study that among those who died, patients related to the merge of the heart were second. Among those who died, 34 percent of the patients were such that either due to late treatment or due to negligence, corona dominated their body.

Concern also for those who have merged hearts:
Not only sugar but also heart-related diseases are proving to be fatal to patients caught in the corona clutches. The study has revealed that among the dead are heart patients at number two, blood pressure at number three, kidney merge at number four and obesity-related patients at number five. Apart from this, corona is also becoming dangerous for such patients who are suffering from any infection.

Home Isolation dangerous without doctors advice:
Doon Medical College physicians say that as a result of the study, it has been revealed that if any person is already a victim of a merge, then he himself should not remain in Home Isolation. Instead, immediately get your checkup done in the hospital as soon as the symptoms of corona appear. After this, if the doctor says, then stay in home Isolation. Doctors also say that if you are over 60 years of age, then keep checking yourself regularly.

Negligence, quackery, delay also cause death:
The Doon Hospital study also revealed that about 34 percent of the dying patients are those who have either arrived late for treatment or who have taken medicines at home on their own. There are also some patients who went to Doon Hospital after being referred from elsewhere. There were 34 percent patients who died within 24 hours of being admitted.

All kinds of facts are coming out during the treatment of Corona. In the study of 130 corona infected who have died so far, the majority of patients who have been diagnosed with sugar have been found. Our medical team is currently studying more about Corona.
-Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal, Government Doon Medical College


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