Tourists will not be able to enjoy elephant safari and scaffolding this time too.

Dhikala zone of the world famous Corbett Park is to be opened for tourists from November 15, but tourists visiting this place will not be able to enjoy elephant safari and scaffolding this time too. They only have to do gypsy safaris. Tourists coming to Corbett Park first used to do elephant safari in addition to gypsy safari. This facility was meant for tourists in Dhikala Zone. Every tourist coming to Dhikala used to do elephant safari. In the year 2018, a tusker wild elephant attacked Corbett’s elephant. Barely saved the elephant. Since then the Corbett administration had decided to discontinue the elephant safari.

Tourists fell from the loft:
Two months after this decision, a tourist from Delhi fell from a scaffolding built at Dhikala. Since then, all the scaffolding carbates have closed for tourists. Corbett built these scaffolds for tourists to see wild animals from high. Tourism businessmen have many times sought to open elephant safaris and scaffolding for tourists, but the department has not taken any decision on this yet. Corvette SDO RK Tiwari said that there is no talk about opening elephant safari and scaffolding. Both things have been closed for the safety of tourists.

Loss of revenue to the department:
Due to the closure of elephant safari, tourists are not only feeling disheartened but the revenue administration is also losing money. For elephant safari, the department used to deposit a fee of Rs 100 per tourist separately. However, protection of tourists is essential for the department.

Last three year earnings:

Year                         tourist                  revenue
2019-20                    2.83 Lakh               8.65 Crore

2018-19                    2.84 Lakh               8.75 Crore

2017-18                    2.91 Lakh                 9.68 Karad

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