Answer sought from the government on the construction of the airport.

The Nainital High Court has directed the government and others to file their reply after hearing a PIL filed in the matter of acquiring 1072 acres of land of Pantnagar Agricultural University and building a new airport there.

Mamale hearing was held before the bench of Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari. According to the case, social worker Keshav Passi, resident of Udhamsingh Nagar, has filed a PIL in the High Court saying that a new airport is proposed to be built on the south side of the University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar. For this, 1072 acres of land of Pantnagar University are being acquired.

The petition stated that at present there is already an airport on the north side. On one side there is Sidkul and now another airport is being built on the south side. This will create noise around Pantnagar University, will also spread pollution. This will affect the academic environment and research work of the university.

The petition said that Pantnagar University caters to 25 per cent of the seeds in the country. On the other hand, the Revenue Council, in one of its surveys, has considered that 76842 acres of land in Nainital and Udhamsingnagar are barren, so the barren land should be used in the construction of the airport instead of giving fertile land for airport construction. The place where the airport is proposed has 11 canals around it and this land is marshy, which is not suitable for the airport. Also, two high-tension electrical lines are also passing near this place.

Explain that 1072 acres of land of Pantnagar Agricultural University is to become an international green field airport. There is enough land for the airport here. This can be expanded to meet future requirements. At the same time, this airport will also act as a logistics hub, in which the industrialists of SIDCUL will be able to bring raw materials from outside and send finished goods out.

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