Conspiracy to defame the clean image of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the mafia run by the people of MLA Munna Singh fell in the Yamuna river.

There is a discount in Vikasnagar on the clean image of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. Under the guise of mining, a conspiracy is being hatched in Vikasnagar to defame the clean image of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, are the leaders of the ruling party and government officials only planning to defame the Chief Minister. Mafia fell in the open in Yamuna river by the people and the people of MLA Munna Singh.

Complaint was given to District Magistrate Dehradun through videography and photo letter, on which no action was taken by the District Magistrate and SSP Dehradun was also informed about the complaint through letter, illegal mining in Vikasnagar.

Pachwadoon administration bowed in front of Iqbal of Janak Singh Rawat, three days ago, Tehsil Administration, Police, Mining Department conducted a surprise raid on the mining lease of Janak Singh Rawat at bridge number one. Was caught while doing mining and had instructed that in future mining should never be done outside the lease, but Janak Singh Rawat is doing illegal mining work within a radius of three kilometers from the Yamuna river under the guise of mining lease, but the concerned department is the watchdog. It is being told that there is a big pressure on the local administration, due to which the local administration has ignored the game even after seeing this game, in about six days, under the guise of the lease of Janak Singh Rawat situated on the Yamuna river, more than one and a half crores. Even more mining material has been raised, but this amount has been shown to be very less in government documents, in such a situation, the question arises that who is the sharer in the wealth earned illegally by illegal mining, whether government officials, white collar from this illegal earnings Or the media is also going to share, due to which everyone is keeping silent. Who is allowing Janak Singh Rawat to loot in Yamuna river.

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