A world of beautiful colorful butterflies also resides in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), famous for tigers.

The world of beautiful colorful butterflies also resides in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), famous for tigers. For the first time 143 species of butterflies have been found in CTR and its surrounding area. Until now there was no record of the species of butterflies here. Among the butterflies found here, there are 25 such species which are rarely seen.

Corbett Tiger Reserve is a region full of biodiversity. Along with tigers, various species of wildlife and reptiles including elephants, deer are present here. That is why researchers from all over the country do their research on the biodiversity of carbate. The butterfly also has an important role in the biodiversity of carbate. Butterflies have a good presence in various areas of the carbate. But their numbers were not yet assessed.

Wildlife experts Sanjay Chhimwal and Rajesh Bhatt of Ramnagar along with their team have collected the overall information of 130 butterflies seen in Corbett. Whereas the Corbett Administration had a list of only 13 butterflies before. In such a situation, Sanjay and Rajesh prepared a check list of the 143 butterflies found in Corbett with the names of the common and scientific. The check list has been submitted to Rahul, director of Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Photo was collected for four years:
The list of butterflies in carbate has been prepared. He is the result of hard work of the last four moves. The butterfly expert was collecting one by one information of the butterflies of different species appearing in Corbett and the surrounding area. The list of which has now been finalized. These butterflies have been seen in Junk near Jhirna, Dhela, Bijrani, Dhikala, Garjia, Dhikuli, Mohan, Durgadevi, Haldupadav and Ratuvadhab.

Some special species found:
Grass Blue, Kaman Lapard, Peacock Pansy, Psych, Kaman Emigrant, Pei Blue, Kaman Nawab, Blue Admiral, Orange Oak Leaf, Red Piero, Blue Battle, Egg Fly, Kaman Mormoon, Club Bik, Yellow Pansy, Commander, etc.

Butterfly helps in pollination:
Butterflies that feed everyone with their beauty, pollinate the crops and also show the purity of the environment. Where butterflies occur, the environment is pure. However, there are no butterflies in the place of pollution. Hence it is also considered a symbol of purity of the environment.

The record of CTR will be recorded:
CTR director Rahul said there was no certified record of the butterflies yet. The butterfly list of 143 species is prepared by colleagues. This will be recorded on the CTR record.

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