The effect of cold wave is visible in Kumaon.

The temperature has reached two to three degrees, especially in the mountainous districts. Four days after the Western Disturbance became active, the weather patterns have changed due to rain and snowfall. In Terai-Bhabar, the winter has started affecting. Due to the effect of icy winds, the temperature has reached below normal.

The mountainous districts of Kumaon are experiencing extreme cold at this time. The minimum temperature in Champawat and Almora districts has reached below three degrees. In Pithoragarh and Nainital districts, the temperature has come down to four degrees. Haldwani recorded a minimum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius on Friday. It is four degrees lower than normal. Although there is not a fog-like situation right now, the cold has started showing its effect with the falling temperature. Meteorologists say that November will be colder and warmer than the last week.

Clouds can occur on Monday:
According to Dr. RK Singh, meteorologist at GP Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, the temperature will fall further in the coming days. Temperatures in Terai Bhabar will also start falling sharply in the last week of November. Light fog will occur at night and in the morning. On November 23, the mountainous districts may be partly cloudy. There may be drizzle somewhere in Pithoragarh, Nainital district.

Where is the minimum mercury?

Almora 3.0 degrees

Nainital 7.0 degree

Mukteshwar 4.0 degree

Haldwani 6.0 degrees

Champawat 2.6 degrees

Pithoragarh 4.7 degrees

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