Arakot Disaster: CM Visits Disaster Affected Area, Compensation of Rs 4-4 Lakh to Disaster Affected

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat reached Arakot in Uttarkashi district on Tuesday and inspected Arakot, Makudi, Tikocchi, Kiranu, Chiwan, Balavan, Duchanu, Dagoli, Barnali, Gokul, Maunda village on terrestrial and helicopters due to the extravaganza. . The Chief Minister met people suffering from the divine disaster in Trivendra Arakot and tied up their hopes and assured all possible help. He also inspected the base camp built at Arakot Inter College and the damage caused by the divine disaster. He said that the families killed in the disaster will be given compensation at the earliest according to the parameters of the divine disaster.

The Chief Minister said that an amount of 4-4 lakhs will be given to the families of each deceased. The injured are being treated free of cost by the government. Instructions have been given to the District Magistrate to select the land of the village society for the homeless. Chief Minister Trivendra gave instructions to the District Magistrate to prepare a report for the assessment of damage to the apple, land and buildings of the affected tenants. So that compensation amount can be distributed to the affected people soon. He said that the compensation of villagers’ animal loss will also be given to the affected people soon as per disaster standards. He assured that in this hour of grief the government stands with the affected villagers. He said that in all the affected villages, adequate quantities of ration, water, clothes, blankets and essential medicines etc. have been reached by heli and district administration is working continuously.

Chief Minister Rawat said that there was a lot of loss of life and property due to the disaster. In which facilities like roads, electricity, water, irrigation etc. have been damaged. He said that it is the priority of the government to smooth the traffic as soon as the road is opened, the basic facilities will be repaired soon. District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Chauhan said that the rescue operation is going on for the third day and the necessary items have been transported to the affected villages. Today, food grains, water, essential medicines etc. were sent to the villagers. Relief and rescue teams are present in all villages.

On this occasion, MP Mrs. Mala Rajya Laxmishah, Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt, MLA Munna Singh Chauhan, Khajandas, Rajkumar, District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Chauhan, Superintendent of Police Pankaj Bhatru etc. were present.

The government announced to give four lakh rupees to the dependents of the persons killed in the Arakot (Kotigad Valley) disaster of Uttarkashi. The injured will also be treated for free, while the government will bear the full cost of Sev Dhulan in this season. CM Trivendra Rawat, who returned to visit the affected villages on Tuesday, gave this information in a conversation with reporters at the media center located in the Secretariat. He informed that relief and rescue operations are being done on a war footing. Electricity in 40 villages and drinking water supply in 12 villages has been streamlined. In response to a question, said that teams have reached all the villages in disaster affected areas. Trivendra said that the horticulture and livestock have also suffered a lot due to the disaster. The government has decided to bear the expenses of Sev’s Dhulan in this season while giving relief to the tenants. The Collector has asked Uttarkashi to report on the loss of livestock, horticulture and farming. It will also be compensated according to the standard of disaster. He said that the government has enough budget to deal with the disaster. Loniv has been instructed to construct damaged bridges and school education as buildings for damaged schools. The amount to be constructed will be paid immediately. During this, Secretary Amit Negi, IG Sanjay Gunjyal, Ajay Rautela and Director General of Information Dr. Meharban Singh Bisht were also present.

70 sq km area Affected:
The disaster has affected about 70 sq km area of ​​other villages including Makudi, Sannel, Tikocchi, Nagwara, Arakot, Moldi, Malana, Duchanu, Kalich, Jotri, Dagoli, Barnali, Thapli, Balavat, Chiva and Snol. It will take time if life becomes normal in these villages.

Made ten Helipads:
Ten helipads have been built to deliver logistics to the region. CM Trivendra informed that relief materials are being distributed through four helicopters. So far 1000 kg of flour, pulses and rice, 2000 food packets, 5000 liters of water, 300 blankets, 50 tents as well as medicines and solar lights have been sent to the affected areas. Reserves have also been built at Arakot, Mori and Tuni.

They are engaged in relief
Chief Minister Trivendra said that more than 300 personnel have been engaged in relief and rescue operations. In addition to the local administration, it has staff from NDRF, SDRF, ITBP, Forest Department and Disaster Search and Rescue Team.

Damage in Arakot Disaster:
Valley Kotigad
Villages affected and 51 (24 basins and 27 hills)
Casualty 15
Missing 06
Injured 08
Completely damaged building 17
Buildings with partial damage 117
Damaged bridge 04
Electrical damage 14 km completely
Partial damage 12 km
Transformer 08
Total loss 130 crores

59 lives lost in Disaster:
In the disaster season in Uttarakhand, 59 people have lost their lives so far, while 12 people are missing. CM Trivendra Rawat said that 55 people were injured during this period, while 115 buildings were completely damaged and 134 buildings were partially damaged.


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