Uttarakhand: CM Trivendra said- about 200 families under the ambit of CAA, citizenship to be given soon.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that about 200 families who have come to Uttarakhand in recent years are coming under the purview of the Citizenship Act (CAS). There are also some Muslim families among them. Most are settled in Dehradun. CM said that there would be no problem in giving citizenship to them. CM was talking to reporters at the circuit house here.

During this, the CM attacked the Congress and the Left parties fiercely over the Citizenship Amendment Act. Said that opposition parties are frustrated and disappointed due to being out of power. The Chief Minister said that in recent times, the section of urban Naxalites in the country is opposing the BJP.

CM attacked the Congress-Left
Chief Minister Rawat fiercely attacked the Congress and the Left for opposing the citizenship law. He said that questioning the role of the Congress in the freedom movement, the Congress never passed a resolution for the independence of the country before Bal Gangadhar Tilak became the president.
In a press conference at the Circuit House here, he said that the Citizenship Amendment Act is a law granting citizenship to refugees. Congress should answer whether people who have come to the country should be given shelter or not. He said that there has been a tradition of giving shelter to refugees in India since the dynasties. When Hitler tried to burn Jews alive, many countries did not allow Jews to enter their country, but India gave them shelter.

When China occupied Tibet, India also gave shelter to Tibetans who are still living here peacefully. India gave shelter to the Zoroastrians in a similar way. He referred to the statements of several Congress leaders associated with the freedom movement, including Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abul Kalam Azad, and said that these leaders also supported the asylum of refugees from other countries including Pakistan.

Why Congress-Left is silent on Hindus getting harassed in Pak
The Chief Minister said that at the time of Partition, there were only four crore Muslims in India, but today their number has reached 200 million. At the same time, there were 23 percent Hindus in Pakistan which has now reduced to just 2.7 percent. He said that the number of Hindus, Sikhs etc. in Pakistan is continuously decreasing. There the Hindu daughter-in-law, daughters have been tortured by converting them. The Congress and the Left parties are silent on all this.
The Chief Minister said that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are Muslim countries. Minorities are being persecuted there. He attacked the Congress and said that Congress has been following the principle of divide and rule since the independence movement. This principle is still practiced today. The Chief Minister alleged that the Congress formed by Hume in 1885 acted as a safety wall for British power even during the independence movement.
He said that in 1923, the Shaukat Ali brothers were not allowed to sing Vande Mataram. The need was that this law should have been implemented immediately after independence but this could not happen. Prime Minister Modi took a bold step to implement this law.
40 members of Muslim community took membership of BJP
In the presence of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, 40 people from the Muslim community in the Circuit House joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Chief Minister welcomed these people joining the BJP.
Among those joining the BJP are Raza Ali Ansari, Maharaj Ansari, Ehsan Ali Ansari, Harun Ansari, Nadeem Ansara, Shabad Alam, Nazim Ansari, Jissan Ansari, Mo. Rafi, Shahil Ansari, Aman Ansar, Ahmed Anas, Aslam Khan, Noor Hasan, Shamshad, Nawab, Shabad Qureshi, Ishaq Ansara, Mo. Arises etc. are included.

Hand processing unit to be set up in Almora
CM Rawat has said that the state government will set up a hand processing unit (based on non-toxic cannabis) in Almora. With this, innumerable products including medicines can be made. Also, employment opportunities will increase. He instructed the District Magistrate to set up a cluster for commercial hand production. The Chief Minister said that migration from the mountainous areas will be stopped only by providing basic facilities. Chief Minister Vivekananda was holding a meeting of district officials at the Hill Agricultural Research Institute.
He directed the officials in the meeting to make proper arrangements for marketing of local products. Marketing possibilities should be explored in hilly districts so that products can be marketed. The government has decided that this year on the Harela festival, plantation will be done simultaneously in the entire state. He said that he directed the departments including the forest to prepare for the plantation. Regarding the construction of Tadagatal lake, the officials said that the DPR has been prepared.

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