CM Trivendra and Garsain! A wonderful relationship

Garsain symbolizes the feelings of martyrs and agitators of state building. Slogans like Pahad, the capital of Pahad, are now becoming meaningful. Yes and this dream could be fulfilled by a state movement, which was done by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. CM Trivendra, who played a leading role in the state movement, has no emotional attachment to non-violence. Trivendra Singh Rawat is the first CM in Uttarakhand who is also seen working continuously with his passion by going non-sainty. CM Trivendra has not only talked about writing the development of Garsain but has also worked hard to get it down on the ground too.

The first glimpse of this was shown by CM Trivendra in the month of March in the assembly session itself. When no one expected that the decision on the Garsain summer capital would be taken in this session, but the restless CM took the decision in the interest of Garsain and Uttarakhand, which the other Chief Ministers never showed courage in taking. Yes, they kept pretending but Trivendra Singh Rawat had shown that they not only talk but also have the courage to complete it. During the announcement of making Garsain as the summer capital, the tears of the CM’s eyes had clearly stated that for the Chief Minister, Garsain is not a political issue but is related to emotions and is an issue related to his heart. The same day it was felt that CM Trivendra would leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the dreams of the martyrs. It is clear that the CM is never like a CM while taking a decision on non-education but thinking of fulfilling his dreams like a family member of martyrs for the state movement, making his dream his dream. Has been working with Therefore, his sorrow and feelings for state issues are in the same way as a state agitator. This is the reason why CM has also decided to build a house in Garsain itself.

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