CM Pushkar Singh Dhami released the poetry collection of Padma Shri Dr. Sanjay.

Padma Dr. B. Of. s. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami released Sanjay’s first poetry collection book “Uphar Sandesh Ka” on Wednesday. This poetry collection has been published by Bharatiya Jnanpith. The simplicity of its language captivates the readers and introduces us to the reality between nature, love, connection, science and motherhood.
About the compilation of “Uphar Sandesh” published by Dr. Sanjay in the form of poetry, he told that there is a story behind all the poems in this collection and there is a message in front. The message that Padmashree Dr. Sanjay gave to the society through poetry is a unique gift to the society.
The specialty in these poems is that the poet appears somewhere as a teacher, somewhere a psychologist and somewhere a sociologist and a spiritual person. In true sense these poems are poems of philosophy of life and it seems that the poet has a very strong desire to bring change in the society. The poet believes that to bring change in the society, change in thoughts, mutual cooperation and dialogue are the key to any change.
Dr. Sanjay thanked the Chief Minister and best wishes through his poem “Sapne Hamare Aur Aapke”. Along with this, Chief Minister Dhami congratulated Dr. Sanjay for his first compilation of poems and wished him good health and bright future.
Apart from Dr. Sanjay, senior litterateur Prof. Dr. Yogendranath Sharma ‘Arun’, poet and industrialist Dr. S. Farooq, litterateur Dr. Muniram Saklani ‘Munindra’, poet Shrikant Sharma ‘Shri’, litterateur Dr. Satyanand Badoni, Bhavna Sanjay, Dr. Prateek Sanjay, gynecologist Dr. Sujata Sanjay, orthopedic and spine surgeon Dr. Gaurav Sanjay and Sonia Rawat were present.
Dr. B. Of. s. Sanjay is a man of versatility. Who is known for medical work and social service work. Dr. Sanjay is not only a good surgeon and social worker, but he is a writer, speaker and columnist of a high order. Dr. Sanjay’s collection of poems about Ruchi and Poetry is a unique work for a surgeon. Dr. Sanjay not only does the work of a surgeon in the field of surgery with his own hands, but he also creates words well, which has been well depicted in his poetry collection.

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