Cloudsburst in Chamoli and Tehri district of Garhwal, people’s homes were washed away, some people also confirmed dead

Clouds wreaked havoc in Garhwal division of Uttarakhand. A cloudburst has come to light here. In which 11 houses have been swept away. In both incidents, a woman, a baby girl have died. Two women are trapped in the rubble. One is missing and many people are injured. Locals are calling these incidents a cloudburst. While the administration says that both are incidents of hypertrophy.

11 houses washed away in the village

The first incident occurred in the Dewal area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarnaprayag in Chamoli district. There was heavy destruction in Faldia village here due to heavy rainfall at around 10.30 pm on Thursday. A large amount of debris has arrived in the village. Two women from Faldia village are reported to have been buried in the rubble. The clouds have caused such havoc here that 11 houses have been washed away in the village. Food and drink including cow, buffalo have also been washed away.

Power failure, water line broken

There is a power failure in Faldia village. The water line is broken. There is a ruckus in the entire village. People are still in a shadow of fear. Seeing the devastation at their homes, they are wandering around. The entire administration team including police and SDM KS Negi have reached the spot. Apart from this, all roads in Dewal region have been closed. Only the Dewal-Tharali motorway is open. There are also reports of heavy destruction in villages like Talor, Bamana, Bera, Padamalla etc.

Clouds created fury in Ghansali too

On the other hand, in Ghansali of Tehri district, clouds created a furore. There was heavy rainfall at Dhar village Thati of Ghansali Patti Nailchami here at around 1 pm on Thursday. In which a woman and a baby girl have died. One person is missing and two people are injured.

Tehsildars have reached the spot after receiving information about the incident. It was told that the clouds wreaked havoc in Sod Tok atop Shankar Singh’s house. Shankar Singh and his wife Bachan Dei have been taken out of the debris by the villagers. Both the injured have been swept away by many bigha fields and cattle.

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