How to become a Class First Officer in railway

Today we are going to know about this article an educational tips. Hope you like this article. How to become a class 1 officer in the railway, how to become a railway officer, what to do to become an officer in the railway ..

In this article about this topic, we are going to know all the details. How to become Class 1 Officer in Railway.

It is not easy to get any good job in the present time, it requires hard work, along with the right guidance is also required. In the competition, you are faced with thousands of students, if you win in that front, in that competition then you get a job. Whoever won, Alexander .. This is the rule of competition.

But it is not so easy to face and win the competition but it is not impossible. Every year, many students win the competition and get the desired job. If you also want to get the desired job, then you may have to work hard. By the way, in terms of railway sector, there is too much competition in it, so you may have to work a lot more.

Railway class 1 officer recruitment informationAll the posts in Railways are from A, B, C, D in these four group categories. Group A and Group B officers fall in grade. Out of these, the posts are recruited for class 1 officer level by group A category. Candidates are recruited through Civil Service Examination / Engineering Service Examination / Combined Medical Examination.

Candidates must hold an engineering, MSc degree or MBBS level degree from a recognized institution for Group A level. There are a total of three branches of Group A officers. Such as .. Civil Services, Engineering Services and Medical Services. The list of which is given below.

  1. Civil Services Examination

 Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)

 Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

 Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)

 Railway Protection Force

  1. Engineering Services Examination..

 Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE)

 Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME)

 Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE)

 Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers (IRSEE)

 Indian Railway Stores Service (IRSS

  1. Medical Services Examination

 Indian Railway Medical Service (IRMS).

Recruitment of Group A officers is done through these means

 Through the examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (Civil Service Examination)

 Through the promotion of Group B officers

 Through Special Class Railway Apprentice Examination (UPSC SCRA Entrance Exam)

How to prepare for Group A

For Group A, most of the Union Public Service Commission i.e. UPSC only withdraws vacancy and UPSC conducts examination for the same. Therefore, you should prepare for UPSC exam only.


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