Additional security force deployed on the China border with Uttarakhand…

The Indian Army has increased its vigil on the border with Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, China, amid increasing tension with China in the Ladakh region. For this, additional security forces are being deployed at the border. Nowadays, Chinyalisaur Airport remains the transit camp of the Indian Army.

China has about 117 km border with the district. Here, the Indian Army personnel along with ITBP’s Himvir are vigorously monitoring the forward posts to protect the borders.

Due to the inaccessible range of the Himalayas, the border from this side is largely protected. So far, there has never been any incursion from China in this part. Despite this, the Indian Army is maintaining full vigilance.
Fighter aircraft are reiki flying in the border area
For the past few days, the Indian Air Force fighter aircraft have been flying in the border region of Reiki, while additional security forces are being sent towards the border by road. Chinyalisaur Airport remains an army transit camp nowadays.

A large number of army personnel are arriving here in armored vehicles from other parts of the country. After staying here for a few days, these soldiers are being sent towards the forward posts of Harshil and Nelang area.

In the last one week, around 400 army personnel have been received here. Army and administration officials are not saying anything about this because it is a matter related to national security.


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