Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the government is ready to deal with every situation…

Haldwani – Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that since the arrival of migrants from various provinces in Uttarakhand, there has been an increase in corona positive cases. But we are fully prepared. The Chief Minister said this while taking a meeting of officers in the circuit house. He said that the government has decided to bring the people of Uttarakhand from different provinces. It was already anticipated that the Corona cases would increase on bringing people from outside, so the government is already engaged in preparations. He said that the government is ready and able to fight and deal with every situation. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh and Finance and Health Secretary Amit Negi were also present in the review meeting.

Chief Minister Rawat said that the Korentine person should follow the rules of Korentine, which the Korentine person does not follow the Koreantine rules. They should be strictly adhered to. He said that it is a period of transition that all people should understand their responsibilities and cooperate in this fight. The Chief Minister took detailed information about the works and arrangements being done in Covid-19 in the district. He said that the State Government is making arrangements for state-of-the-art equipment in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. In view of the increasing infection, Sushila Tiwari Hospital needs other equipment and resources and its demand should be made available to the government immediately so that arrangements can be made. He said that Health Department is our front line warrior team, so health workers should work with ease and active. He said that medical waste should be disposed of as per the rules. He appreciated the cooperation being provided by the IMA during this transition period, along with the services being given by the administration and police officers and employees with day-to-day readiness is also commendable. The Chief Minister said that 10 days will be very important in terms of corona infection, in which case we will need to take precaution and have time to work and live with restraint. He said that those who have been Korentine, if their report is negative for the next 10 days and they do not show any other symptoms, then such people can also be sent home. He asked all officers and employees to discharge their responsibilities with team spirit in the transition period with complete readiness, efficiency and dedication.

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