The Chief Minister said that only samskaras can save children from intoxication.

Chief Minister

Rites can only protect children from the increasing tendency of intoxication. This is to say of Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat. He said this in a workshop organized by the Commission on Protection of Child Rights, on the trend of increasing drug abuse, prevention and rehabilitation of children in a hotel situated on Haridwar Road here.

The Chief Minister said that the trend of intoxication is increasing in the new generation. To protect children from all distractions including intoxication, they have to be cremated. Cremated children do not fail in any area of ​​life. He said that awareness campaigns should be conducted at the grassroots level regarding de-addiction. Children spend more time at school than at home. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to make the children sanskarawan. They need to keep an equal watch on the activities of the children, so that they can be prevented from going in the wrong direction.

The Chief Minister also said that Western countries have understood the greatness of Indian culture. That is why they are following our culture, but it is a matter of concern that the youth of our country are being influenced by Western culture. The Chief Minister said that government efforts cannot be sufficient in the campaign for de-addiction. For this, social organizations, institutions and dignitaries of society will also have to come forward. He said that a comprehensive public awareness campaign for de-addiction is also needed.

Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi said that will power is necessary for drug addiction. If a person has been caught under the influence of intoxication, then he can quit the drug only because of strong will power. Child Rights Protection Commission chairperson Usha Negi said that the commission had started a campaign against drugs in the state from the year 2018, which is going on continuously. In the program, the secretary of the commission, Jharana Kamathan, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh and the chairman and members of the Children’s Commission were present in many states.

Priority given to women in forest panchayats:
On the participation of women in forest panchayats, the Chief Minister said that women are connected with forests. Gaura Devi launched the Chipko movement. This is the reason why the government has given priority to women in forest panchayats. These women will be given an honorarium of ten thousand rupees.

This Congress case said on the face of CM in elections:
Asked whether it is being asked by former Chief Minister Harish Rawat that BJP should declare the face of the Chief Minister in the assembly elections. The Chief Minister said that he has nothing to say on this issue, it is a matter of Congress.

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