Chief Minister Dhami said- Leftist forces are spoiling the environment, government will not back down from legal action

In the meeting of the BJP State Working Committee, discussions were also held on the rehabilitation of the disaster affected people in Joshimath, the treatment of Joshimath and removal of misconceptions about the image of Joshimath in the country and the world.
Describing the ongoing protest in Joshimath as a political issue, the BJP termed it as a conspiracy of Maoist and leftist forces. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that by making Joshimath a political issue, work is being done to influence tourism and pilgrimage here.
Describing it as serious from a strategic point of view, he said that if needed, the government will not back down from taking legal action against such forces.
Speaking to the media on the second day of the BJP working committee meeting held at Raiwala on Monday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that some people do not want the development of the state. He first worked to obstruct the work of Alvedar Road.

Working to influence development works:
Now on the pretext of Joshimath, they are working to influence other development works. Chief Minister Dhami said that eight expert institutions and scientists are studying Joshimath. According to the compiled report of all these institutions, the government will work on the best rehabilitation and further policy.
He said that at present 70 percent life in Joshimath is safe and better. In the coming time, the important Chardham Yatra of Uttarakhand is going to start, International Games are to be held in Auli of Joshimath. In such a situation, it is not fair to tarnish the image of Joshimath by doing bad propaganda.

Dharna- the hand of leftist forces behind the demonstration:
Earlier, talking to reporters, BJP state president Mahendra Prasad Bhatt presented the party’s stand in the Joshimath case. He said that Maoist forces are working to fuel the Joshimath issue. He said that the government is completely serious about the issue of Joshimath.
Serious efforts are being made for the displacement and rehabilitation of the disaster affected people, but people with anti-development thinking are working to harm the tourism and pilgrimage of Joshimath by misleading the local citizens. He said that the efforts of the government in the Joshimath disaster are commendable.
Later, he used the term leftist forces in place of Maoists and said that these forces are working to influence the development of Uttarakhand. He said that their job is only to do politics of protest.
He expressed concern that instead of supporting the government in the Joshimath disaster, the main opposition party Congress also made it a political issue at the national level, which was not in the interest of the state. He clearly said that the Leftist forces are behind the protests against the government in Joshimath, which have nothing to do with Uttarakhand.

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