Well-cooked chicken and eggs are not at risk of spreading bird flu.

According to experts, the egg and rooster are completely safe from bird flu after cooking. Till date there has been no such case when the bird flu has spread after eating well cooked chicken and egg.
Bird flu usually spreads from one bird to another. It can also spread from birds to people. Its rate of spread is very fast. In a single day, it can infect chickens of the entire Poultry farm. When this happens, there is no other option but to kill the chickens.

Infections from chickens do not further spread to any other birds or people, so they are buried unconsciously. During this time people start keeping distance from chickens and eggs. Experts, however, require some necessary precautions to prevent disease. They say that chicken and eggs cooked at more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees C) cannot spread bird flu.

The Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. SB Pandey said that scientific studies have also confirmed that the bird flu cannot remain in the cooking temperature. He said that Indian cooking is very good. Generally, no bacteria and viruses can survive at that temperature.

Uttarakhand still completely untouched by bird flu
Even though cases of bird flu are increasing continuously in the whole country, Uttarakhand is completely untouched till now. There has not been a single case in the state so far this year. Even before this disease did not spread very much.

This is the reason that since the year 2006, there has never been a chance of Kalinga (unconscious burial) of birds. From this it can also be assumed that Uttarakhand is much safer than other states.

These days, there is a risk of bird flu in the entire country. There is also no treatment for bird flu. Hence the process of burying the infected birds unconsciously is adopted. This process is called Kalinga. Kalinga is used in every part of the world to eliminate infected birds and break the infection chain.

In case of increasing cases, forms are made by Kalinga in every state. All poultry form chickens are dug up and buried and buried. In Uttarakhand, it has not been established till date.

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