Dehradun: Changes in the checking system of people coming from outside states.

Under the new guidelines of the government, the checking system of people coming from outside states has been changed at the district border. Now only the screening and registration on the smart city website will be applicable on the district border. It is clear that in the coming days, the number of visitors from outside states in the district may increase rapidly.
With the increasing cases of Corona, the guide lines are constantly changing on the district border. Earlier this month, under the government’s order, the paid corona test was made mandatory for people coming from other states on the border. However, this arrangement did not last for a week after it started and protests began.
After this, the essential corona test ended. Recently the government issued a new order. In this, the mandatory corona test on the border was removed. The order was issued that other people, including tourists, would be able to enter the state without conducting a corona test. DM Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava has implemented the mandatory to check registration and thermal screening of everyone on the border under this process.

Jill people will get higher temperature in thermal screening, their antigen test of corona will be done. Upon getting infected in the antigen test, the respective corona will be treated and those who come along will be quarantined. DM told that at the airport, railway station, Asharodi, Kulhal check post, the process of registration will be seen when people arrive. Full information about the place of visit of people in registration will be checked. So that, if further situation prevails, it can be easily approached.
No more quarantine trouble
The state was earlier quarantined people coming from outside states. However, this condition is no longer applicable for those coming for less than a week. In such a situation, people coming here for a short time are very relieved. People coming for more time are also taking advantage of this. Because they are not giving information about the arrival of the border for a long time

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