Weather will be normal in Doon.

Due to change in the path of western disturbance, the weather is expected to be normal in the state for two-three days at present. However, there may be dense fog in the plains of Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar.

On Monday, there was fog in the capital Dehradun on Monday morning. However, later the sun blossomed. There was fog in Udham Singh Nagar, Haldwani and Haridwar this morning. There is sunshine in other areas.

According to the weather center Dehradun, there is a possibility of sunshine in Dehradun. Light fog may occur in the morning and night. There are chances of light frost in the mountainous areas and moderate to dense fog in the plains.

Weather center director Bikram Singh said that the first western disturbance was likely to reach Uttarakhand on Saturday. After this, chances were raised on Sunday, due to which snowfall and rain were expected in the state. But, now the Western Disturbance has changed the route. Therefore, the weather is expected to be normal for some days.
Fog will disturb you more
The weather suddenly changed in Haridwar on Sunday. It was sunny all day and there was a sudden fog in the evening. The mercury fell due to the cold winds. According to the Meteorological Department, along with the fluctuations in temperature, there is a possibility of drizzle on January 26.

There were dark clouds in Assam late Saturday night. The sky opened on Sunday morning. It was sunny all day. Due to Sunday, most people were seen sunbathing on the roofs of homes. After five o’clock in the evening, fog started coming with sudden cool winds.

Fog prevails more in the countryside. Meteorological Department’s Ritu Alokshala Research Supervisor Narendra Rawat said that the maximum temperature on Sunday was 16 degrees Celsius and the minimum was three and a half degrees Celsius.
Cold wave and fog increased problem
The fog which has been prevalent in Luxor with cold wave for the last several days is increasing the problems of the people. On Sunday morning, fog and cold wave left people shivering. People got relief from sun blossom in the afternoon.

From Saturday night itself, the cycle of cold wave had started, which continued on Sunday. Cold was increasing due to fog and cold wave. Due to which people were shivering. The clouds were also clouded after fog sorting in the morning.

The weather cleared in the afternoon and the sun blossomed. People got relief from the cold due to sunlight. In the evening, people tried to avoid the cold by burning the fireplace, heater, gas burner, bonfire, wood, coal etc. to avoid the cold.

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