Campaign to Remove Encroachment from Government land in Dehradun will start Very soon

In the city of Dehradun from Wednesday, the mahabhiyan to remove encroachment from government land will begin. Today a meeting has been held under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary  Om Prakash, in which the strategy of Mahabhiyan will be made. The campaign will be finalized in a meeting to be held at 5:30 pm today in the IRDT auditorium on Survey Road headed by Additional Chief Secretary Om Prakash. Officials of MDDA, Municipal Corporation, Police, PWD, Irrigation, Energy, Revenue and other departments will be present in the meeting.

In the meeting, the Additional Chief Secretary will call the details of the progress so far from the officials associated with the campaign. He has also sought details from the authorities as to whether the installation of roads, footpaths and electric poles has been completed in areas where encroachment has been removed from government land in the city. If not completed, what are the reasons for this? At the meeting, the ACS can ask for the details of the places from which the encroachment was removed and re-occupied there.

Officers responsible for repeat encroachment may be taken action
In Dehradun city, action can be taken against those officers and employees, during whose tenure there was repeated encroachment in the removed places. With the removal of encroachment from government land in the city, the High Court had ordered the government to identify the officers who were occupied during their tenure. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh was given the responsibility for this. The Chief Secretary had appointed the Garhwal Commissioner as the nodal officer for this action.
The Garhwal commissioner had asked the heads of all departments to prepare a list of officials responsible in this regard. But no department made the list. Departments accepted this as an old case. But in the case of removal of encroachment last year, they hardly have any excuse. Last year, where the expedition took place, many of the places were encroached again. If sources are to be believed, the government is angry about this and it can be seen seriously at the court level too. That is why it is believed that the government can take action against those officers and employees who are responsible for the repeated encroachments.

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