Unlock-5: Bus service will start from 30 September….

Bus service to other states from Uttarakhand will start from September 30. The special thing is that the rent being charged before the coronary period has been reimposed. The regime has ended a previously issued order to rent one and a half times during the Corona period. The state government on Monday released the Standard Operating Method (SOP) for this.

The SOP has been implemented with immediate effect, according to which the transport corporations of the states will operate buses in coordination. At the same time, according to the MD of the Transport Corporation, the operation of roadways buses will start from September 30. In the first phase, 100-100 rounds of buses have been allowed to operate between the states per day.
Fare will be charged from the passengers according to the previously determined rates of the State Transport Authority. Buses, taxi cabs, maxi cabs, three wheeler autos, Vikram, e-rickshaws from one state to another and from one district to another district will be provided according to the prescribed seat capacity. Standing in buses will prohibit traveling.

No more rent in any case:
The fare is determined by the State Transport Authority in the vehicle owner, driver and operator buses and public transport. In no case will the fare be more than the prescribed rates. The mandate of June 23, 2020 relating to one and a half times the rent during the coronary period has been abolished with immediate effect.

Online registration for interstate travel has to be done:
Before traveling from one state to another, the driver, operator and passenger will register online on Dehradun Smart City website http // smartcitydehradun.uk.gov.in / pravasi-registration. If for any reason a passenger enters the state without registering, it will be compulsorily registered at the place of arrival. It will be arranged by the District Magistrate of the respective districts.

These conditions will also be strictly followed:
– Entrance, Handle, Railing, Steering, Gear Lever, Seat etc. will be properly sanitized before starting and ending every journey.
– It is necessary for everyone to wear a mask or face cover during interstate and inter-state travel.
– Social distance has to be followed and it will be mandatory to download the Arogya App.
– Thermal scanning will be done at the bus depot and the starting point of the journey. The concerned District Magistrate will arrange it.
– Pan, tobacco, gutkha liquor will be banned during the journey. Spitting in vehicles would be a punishable offense.
– The bus will not stop at every place, only the scheduled stoppage will stop.
– If any passenger finds signs of Covid, then the driver will inform the nearest police station and health center.

The operation of interstate buses has been restored. SOP has been issued for this. Instructions have been given to implement it strictly.
– Shailesh Bagouli, Secretary Transport

After the SOP is issued, we will talk about the operation of buses from UP and the roadways buses will start operating from 30 September.
– Ranveer Singh Chauhan, Managing Director, Uttarakhand Transport Corporation

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