Major Bugyal of Uttarakhand

The grasslands found at the height of 3500 to 6000 meters below the snow line in the Mahamalaya are called Bugyal in Uttarakhand, Buggylo is said to be known as Marg in Kashmir and Thach in Kullu.

There are five types of Bugyal

  1. Dug or Dugha Bugyal (Buggy with short grass)
  2. Bus Bugyal (animal fat growing grass)
  3. Mott Bugyal (grass buggy of Mott Bug or Flume species)
  4. Dhaniya Bugyal (Viens – Malpa Area)
  5. Dhatti Bugyal (having Dhatti Bug vegetation)

Major Bugyal of Uttarakhand are following:

Valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers is located in the Bhundar Valley on the Joshimath-Badrinath route in Chamoli District, between the Male and Gandha Madan Mountains. In 1947, in his book Valley of flowers, he discovered 250 varieties of flowers.

In the year 2005, the valley of flowers was included in the world heritage.


Auli is located at a distance of 15 km from Joshimath in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is famous for winter snow sports, skiing.

Bedni Bugyal

Bedini Bugyal is the largest Bugyal of Uttarakhand located in Chamoli district, it is considered to be the creation site of the Vedas, it is famous for velvet grass.

Har ki dun

This Bugyal is located in Uttarkashi district, here is the origin of Tons river.

>> Some other Bugyaal and their status of Uttarakhand block are

  • Lakshmi Forest – Chamoli
  • Kaila Bugyal – Chamoli
  • Burmese Bugyal – Uttarkashi
  • Burned Serra – Chamoli
  • Manpe – Chamoli
  • Raj Khark – Chamoli
  • Hunya Bugyal – Chamoli
  • Devadamini – Uttarkashi
  • Dayara – Uttarkashi
  • Pawnali Kantha – Tehri
  • Dudhatoli – Chamoli and Pauri
  • Bhati Bugyal – Chamoli
  • Manani Bugyal – Chamoli
  • Fourteenth – Chamoli
  • Kedar Khark – Uttarkashi
  • Tapovan – Uttarkashi
  • Khadu Khark – Chamoli
  • Kasani Kharke – Rudraprayag
  • Lata Khark – Chamoli
  • Dang khark – Chamoli
  • Kora khark – Chamoli
  • Bagchi Bugyal – Chamoli
  • Avin Khark – Chamoli
  • Suthing – Chamoli
  • Patar Nachanis – Chamoli
  • Nandankanan – Chamoli
  • Satopanth – Chamoli
  • Night angle – Chamoli
  • Jourai – Tehri
  • Chopta – Rudraprayag
  • Burmese – Rudraprayag
  • Kafni – Bageshwar

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