The BJP and NDA victories in the assembly elections and by-elections in Bihar are also excited by the BJP in Uttarakhand.

BJP state president Banshidhar Bhagat credited this victory to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the election results once again proved that PM Modi is the most popular and credible leader of the country. The party celebrated the party’s victory at the BJP office in Haldwani. In which party president Bhagat also joined it.

Bhagat said that PM Modi is the most loved leader of the people of the entire country including Bihar. The public has full faith in him. Modi has made a qualitative change in the politics of the country. The politics of pseudo-secularism, casteism and appeasement has lagged behind in the country. Today, the most prominent political agenda in the country is that of development.

Bhagat said he could not accept the defeat of RJD, Congress and opposition parties that the leaders who are questioning EVMs would know that the so-called grand alliance has won 110 seats from EVM elections. The Congress’ misfortune in the Bihar elections and by-elections in other states is clear that the Congress is a sinking ship, but the Congress leader is not ready to improve. The result will be that the Congress will end with its own deeds. This situation can also be seen in Uttarakhand.

Congratulations also to the people of Bihar for decisive voting in Bihar elections. He did not hand over Bihar to the corrupt. To cover his face he named the Grand Alliance. The people of Bihar understood him and sidelined him as before. The guidance and motivation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives us strength. The people of the country have full faith in him.
– Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister

PM’s development agenda brought tremendous victory in Bihar- Satpal Maharaj:
Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that in the by-elections in Bihar and other states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development agenda has won a tremendous victory. The people of Bihar want corruption-free governance and development.

Maharaj said that the extraordinary condition in which the Bihar Assembly elections were held due to Kovid-19 and the strength with which the BJP emerged, is a proof that the people of the country stand firmly with PM Modi. BJP has won the by-elections in 52 assembly seats in 11 states, including the Bihar Assembly elections.

Said that the construction of a temple on Ram Janmabhoomi, the abolition of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the historic decision of triple talaq, have been the reasons why there has been a message among the people of the country that there is no difference between the words and actions of the BJP is.

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