Biomedical waste has tripled in the last three months.


Apart from corona infection, biomedical waste is also increasing in the state. By September, this waste increased nearly two and a half times compared to June. It is a matter of relief that now it is lacking.

Already there have been many complaints about the disposal of biomedical waste in the state right before the Corona period. During the Corona period, the Environment and Pollution Control Board began to tighten it. The board claims that this waste is being raised 100 percent at the moment.

Now it has been revealed that as the corona infection increases, the biomedical waste is also increasing. According to information received from the Pollution Control Board, 5.9 metric tonnes of biomedical waste was transported to the incinerator in the state in September. Earlier, only 2.5 metric tonnes of biomedical waste was available in June.

Despite this, the Board of Environmental Protection and Pollution Control is still feeling relieved. According to the board, the state has the capacity to dispose of eight thousand metric tons of biomedical waste per month.

Penalty of Rs 1.5 lakh imposed in three cases:
According to the board, the disposal of biomedical waste is constantly being monitored. In September itself, there were three cases of negligence in Haldwani. They were fined about Rs 1.5 lakh. If any complaint still comes up then the board will act promptly.

West came less in the first fortnight of October:
According to board officials, the biomedical waste has so far come down in October. At least this is lower than the average for the previous months. The reason for this is being discovered. It may also be that there have been fewer cases of infection than in previous months.

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